Hi there, we are Hippo-Ray! Two friends who crossed paths a couple of years ago during design week in Milan.

Time has flown by since that week in Milan. During that time we have been busy with our own companies and clients, but lately we have been doing more and more projects together. Now here we are, doing the only right thing and starting a business together!

We both have a big love for craftsmanship, playfulness and creativity, which is present in everything we do. Our base is in Stockholm - yet we would love for you to take us elsewhere too.

You are more than welcome to join the ride.

Love, Jonathan & Nina

Hippo-Ray was founded in Stockholm by

Jonathan Söderblom, Interior Architect
Jonathan is an interior architect and furniture designer who has been working with Stureplansgruppen for the last couple of years. His most notable projects are Bank Hotel and the restaurants Spesso and Arnold’s where he has done the interior design concepts and designed bespoke furniture.

Nina Kullberg, CEO and Interior Designer
Nina has a background in interior design, working with both residential and commercial customers. Her most notable projects are Spesso, Nordax Bank, Villa Pauli and Villa Äppelviken where she has designed and delivered bespoke furniture. She also designs hand crafted textiles and has been responsible for the creative process in many projects.